Webinar 28th May 2020 

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New Regulatory Framework for Drinking Water in WA 

Department of Health WA 

10.00am -10.45am (AWST)


Effective Water Disinfection Techniques  

12.30pm - 1.00pm (AWST)



Hygiene Awareness


2.00pm- 2.45pm (AWST)


New Regulatory Framework for Drinking Water in WA - 

Presented by Alison Barret-Lennard Department of Health WA 

Western Australia only 

With the introduction of the Public Health Act 2016 in WA, the Department of Health is proposing the creation of Drinking Water Regulations.  These will replace the provisions in the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 relating to the safety of drinking water.


The five (5) key features of the proposed regulations are:


1. Set out the registration and licensing framework for drinking water suppliers.

2. Clearly defined health-related standards for the quality of drinking water.

3. General risk management obligations placed on drinking water suppliers that are based on public health risk analysis, due diligence, hazard management and auditing.

4. Transparency and public disclosure of water quality information.

5. Provide flexibility to ensure that the framework is not overly onerous for smaller drinking water suppliers.


Alison Barrett-Lennard | Policy Officer | Science and Policy Unit | Public and Aboriginal Health Division
Department of Health

​Alison will discuss the results on the consultation for the above (which closed on 30 August 2019), the expected implementation process and provide information on how this may impact Health2ageducate members.


Alison is the drinking water and wastewater policy expert at the Department of Health. She is an environmental engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the water industry and water quality assurance.  She was the lead officer for the drinking water regulatory review project and going forward will be responsible for the implementation of the proposed regulations in line with State Government regulation review process.


Effective Water Disinfection Techniques  


Participants will understand ;

- Effective Water Disinfection Techniques
- Overview and Awareness of the following topics:

Regulations and Guidelines  

Ultraviolet Systems


Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) 

AS 3500 Section 16 – Disinfection of Water Services 

Super Chlorination – Calculations, Dilutions and Chemicals 

Neutralisation - Chlorine and pH 

Flushing, Mixing and Discharge Requirements 

Chlorine Contact Time 

Breakpoint Chlorination 

Verification Sampling and Monitoring 

Hygiene Awareness Training for Hospitals and Aged Care (National ) 

Overview and Awareness of the following topics:

Introduction and history of Legionella and water hygiene

Understanding Legionella

Relevant Australian and State based legislation, regulations and guidelines including:

- Public Health Act (2016) 
- EnHealth Guidelines (2015) – Guidelines for Legionella Control in the operation and maintenance of drinking water distribution systems in health and aged care facilities.
- Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) 2011
- Western Australian Code of Practice specific to the ‘Prevention and Control of Legionnaire’s Disease’ (2010)
- AS/NZS 3666 (2011) - Air-handling and Water Systems in Buildings – Microbial Control.

Overview of Australian ‘best practice’ associated with health care facilities


  • Risks within industry - systems of increased risk

  • How to assess Legionella / water hygiene risks - Using a HACCP based approach

  • Mitigating identified risks – Options available to site / current programs

  • Importance of effective drinking water treatment

  • Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP) and Critical Control Limits (CCL)

  • Implementing Incident Response Protocols  

  • Role of Legionella Risk Management Plan (LRMP) 

  • An overview of requirements and importance of system inspections​



Ryan Milne


Ryan is the founder and a Principal Consultant of Ecosafe International which is a specialist consultancy focusing on the interface between water and health.

Ryan has a Master’s degree in science and extensive local, as well as international, experience within the Water Risk Management sector including Legionella.

Ryan has a particular focus on the holistic, practical and effective management of on-site potable, waste and process water systems including all aspects of Legionella management right from policy through to practical on-site management. Ryan is an accredited Lead Drinking Water Auditor

Steve Delides

Steven Delides is a Senior Water Quality Consultant with 17 years industry experience, presently the Execution Lead and Training Specialist at Ecosafe International.  Ecosafe is a specialist consultancy focusing on the interface between water and health across the water cycle.  Steven holds a Bachelor of Science with 1st Class Honours in Environmental Chemistry, Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Cert IV in Training & Assessment (TAE). Steven serves on the Australian Standards Committee which is currently reviewing the sampling methods for drinking water (AS/NZS 5667.5).  Steven is passionate about assisting clients to achieve pragmatic water quality management system improvements to manage water quality risks.

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